History of the Expo

          In 2004, Steve Thyberg founded the Omaha Peace and Justice Expo, where a wide spectrum of local groups come together to promote peace and justice in the community. “I wanted to show the Omaha area the wealth of peace and justice efforts that are right here close to home and to raise awareness of these opportunities for activism,” Thyberg said. 
          The Expo began with 68 local organizations participating and 300 people in attendance. In 2005, the Expo expanded with 530 people in attendance and Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! television as the keynote speaker. 2007’s Expo grew even more and boasted the participation of 82 organizations and over 750 people attended! The Expo has certainly grown since its creation in 2004 and it will undoubtedly continue to grow in the future. 
          2007 was a landmark year for the Expo not only because it showed great commitment by the Omaha community to peace and justice but also because it captured the attention of Cindy Sheehan, a mother whose son died in the war. As the face of the resistance to the Iraq war, she was the keynote speaker for the Expo in 2007. 


The theme of the 2008 Expo was 

"Working Toward a World Without Poverty" - link

The 2010 Expo keynote speaker was Noam Chomsky!